The Witch of Leper Cove by Deborah Bogen Book Review


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The Witch of Leper Cove (previously titled The Wych of Lepyr Cove ) takes place in Aldinoch, England between 1224 and 1226. The story centers itself around Lily Bigge and her younger twin brothers, Wyllym and Edric. The three Bigge children are orphaned and separated after their parents perish on a business trip. Lily stays with Alice, Aldinoch’s healing woman. Wyllym goes to work for a local wool merchant. Edric goes to the church to become an academic and one day a monk.

The children must cope with being separated and learn how to survive as orphans. Alice teaches Lily her way of healing and friendship, especially with lepers. Wyllym has to learn to be independent of his brother and come into his own. Edric must choose between scholarship and family. Everything seems to be going well for Lily and her brothers until Alice is accused of witchcraft.  Together the…

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