Welcome.  If you have stopped by this blog, it seems that Cathy Day is likely to thank.  Cathy Day, in case you didn’t know already, is my Advanced Fiction Writing instructor at Ball State University, by day, and a prolific writer of such titles as, The Circus in Winter and The Comeback Season, by night.  This semester she encouraged us to create a blog narrating the pleasures and perils of writing a novel.  At first, this seemed very intimidating, but since I was recently diagnosed as a sufferer of Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD for short), I decided that this would be an excellent opportunity to reach out to other people like me or anyone who is navigating the foreboding task that is writing a novel.

So, today, Sunday, August 25th 2013, I jump feet first into the five-alarm inferno that is novel-ing (novel+writing).  Every week I will document my progress and my process whilst attempting to produce words abound and a cohesive novel at the same time.  In my college course, we are to submit a minimum of 2,000 weekly words starting today.  I encourage anyone who reads this to play along and try to produce 2,000 words of your own each week.  So, here I go, my first 2,000 words on the journey of 40,000 and my first blog post on the journey to self-discovery.

The term writer is both thrilling and terrifying, endearing and annoying.  If by chance you “make it” as a writer, or even entertain the idea of making it, this admission will be met by friends, family, and practically anyone you meet with similar expressions of intrigue and dubiety.  The vacillating inclinations of intrigue and dubiety can be overwhelming and discouraging, but I have found solace in camaraderie here at Ball State, which I wish to share with you here.  Through this blog I hope to form a bond of siblinghood and will attempt to take you through my process so that you might gain something, anything, even inadvertently from my ramblings.  So, here I leave you at the threshold of initiation into a dilatant exodus from normalcy into the annals of unadulterated creation, and if you aren’t new here, welcome home.

Until next week,


P.S. This blog, as well as related posts/blogs, will be tagged here and on other social media sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) with the distinction  #amnoveling, as well as, #writewithme.


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